Equipment Rental Fees



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  • Roll-A-Ball$2,175
  • Water Game$2,175
  • Whac-A-Mole$2,175
  • Basketball$950
  • Poperoo$950
  • Star Dart$950
  • Unball$950


  • 70' x 70' Pole Tentcall (808) 440-4122
  • 66' up to 82' Clearspan Structure Tentcall (808) 440-4122
  • 40' x 60' Clearspan Structure Tentcall (808) 440-4122
  • 40' x 40' Fiesta Frame Tentcall (808) 440-4122
  • 20' x 30' Century Frame Tentcall (808) 440-4122
  • 15' x 15' Century Frame Tentcall (808) 440-4122


  1. There is a minimum rental fee of $5,000+ tax.
  2. The rental fee is for one day (up to 8 hours).
  3. The second-day rental fee is 50% of day one.
  4. The rental of rides includes operators to set up, operate, and dismantle the rides.
  5. The rental of games does not include an operator or merchandise, but it does include one supervisor to instruct the event’s volunteers on the proper operation of the games.
  6. If the event does not want to provide volunteers to operate the games, the fee for Fernandez to provide game staffing is $20 per person per hour.
  7. The games that rent for $950 also require the purchase of a minimum of $400 worth of merchandise.
  8. The Poperoo fee includes balloons for the event volunteers to inflate. If the event wants Fernandez personnel to inflate the balloons, the fee is $40/bag. It takes four bags of balloons to fill the board.
  9. The hauling charge for each rented item is $250 each way.
  10. The rental fee for the generator and fuel used to provide power to operate the equipment depends upon the amount of equipment rented. The minimum is $500.

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