Rental Photo Gallery

Listed below are photos of available tents to rent and past rentals.  For photos of our rides, please visit the rides section or concessions section for photos of games and food concessions.  

Tent Rentals


70' x 70' Pole Tent (Smallest size available - 50' x 50')

Entertainment Tent

Clearspan Structure Tent - 66' up to 82'



Clearspan Structure Tent - 40' x 60'

Fiesta Tent

Fiesta Frame Tent - 40' x 40' (Expandable in 20' increments)

Food Tent

Century Tension Frame Tent - 20' x 30'

Food Tent

Century Tension Frame Tent - 15' x 15' (2 frame tents pictured)

Salesforce Century Wheel Rental

Japan Travel Bureau

Turtle Bay Resort - Private Party

Fairmont Orchid Rental in Kona

Hawaii Kai Town Center - Halloween Rental

School Spring Fest

New Years Eve Party - Century Wheel Rental

Rental General Info  Rental Fees

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