E.K. Fernandez Shows History

E. K. Fernandez Shows is a locally-owned, third-generation family business that has been entertaining the families of Hawaii since 1903.
The company is recognized nationally and internationally for its long history in the carnival, fair, and circus industry. Its founder, Edwin Kane (E. K.) Fernandez, was affectionately known as “The Barnum of the Pacific.” Throughout his life, he searched the world for the best acts he could find and brought them to Hawaii. Some of the most famous acts to perform in an E. K. Fernandez production were the Flying Wallendas and their seven-person aerial pyramid, the wild animal trainer Clyde Beatty, and the famous clown Emmett Kelly. The first elephant at the Honolulu Zoo was named Daisy and was one of the elephants that came to Hawaii to perform in an E. K. Fernandez show. E. K. Fernandez also produced shows that traveled to Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Japan, Guam, India, and China.

The company’s first amusement ride was a steam-powered merry-go-round called a Flying Jenny, which E. K. Fernandez introduced at the Maui County Fair in 1915. Amusement rides have changed tremendously since those early years. The company now operates a large assortment of kiddie rides, family rides, thrill rides, and spectaculars. But the one thing that has remained constant is our commitment to finding interesting acts and bringing them to our events for the entertainment of the families of Hawaii. From white tigers to racing pigs, from flying trapeze artists to a family puppet parade, we constantly strive to provide exciting entertainment and attractions. It is this commitment to quality family entertainment and attractions that results in hundreds of thousands of island residents annually attending our events to experience the thrill and excitement found only on an E. K. Fernandez Shows midway. It is also our commitment to providing a safe, fun-filled experience where families can share good times together that has made us a tradition in the islands.

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